If I Had Known You Were Going to Do That…

When I came in for work last Friday I saw Shelle, who said I would be running the spot. She said Brandon loves me and I could probably pick up some extra shifts, and just to let her know if I did. I like running the spot and I’m getting better at it.

So Terry starts his stuff before they let the guests back and he’s telling the kids to watch out for someone and he’s going to describe him. I know he’s going to sing the Grinch song. What I DON’T know is that I’m supposed to change the spot. Suddenly Brandon is yelling, “Green! Green!” and I yell back, “I don’t know where the green button IS!” So Brandon runs over and pushes it. Then he says, “I called for it over the radio but you don’t have one. Here.” He gives me a radio which I then don’t use for the rest of the night. But it’s cool having one, even if it does make me nervous.

The next day I start at 2:30 in the afternoon, so there is no need for a spot. I work as a train conductor for a little bit, then change to be an elf. But it’s confusing for there to be two Tinsels so I change back to my conductor outfit without the hat. (Rodney was wearing it.) I alternate between the two until 5, when I go run the spot.

Around 8:30 someone came to give me a break. When I go back, it’s a girl running the spot now. She tells me she has nothing to do. Knowing I can be either a conductor or an elf, I tell her she can run the spot while I go do either one. So I do. I like the train best and as it got later Santa had fewer and fewer visitors. So I do that.

The other train workers use my presence to take their breaks and then Rodney leaves at 10:00. I am having a blast, sending off the train with a huge “Choo, choo!” & waving good-bye like everyone is going to Europe instead of a 1/4 mile circle. There was such a line to leave that they sent me to wait in it early. So I go back up to get my stuff. There is the girl.

She isn’t “running” the spot. She’s got it dialed open as large as possible and aimed at center stage while she does nothing. If I had known she was going to do that, I would have stayed.



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