A Teacher’s Deep Dark Secret

We don’t like all our students. Some of them are just not likable people. Some of them are just plain stupid. I’m sorry. That’s not politically correct. But it’s true. If there are people who have above average intelligence then there are people of below average intelligence. And you may not know this but Special […]

Girl’s Day

Mom wanted a girl’s day when Sarah came to visit. So my daughter and I got up, showered, did our make-up, and were on the road around 11. We met Mom at The Funky Art Cafe, where the specialty is funky food. Mom had a pimiento cheese sandwich and cream of beet soup, I had […]

January 3

I’ve been thinking about my write time. Everything I know about writing, and the book confirms it, says pick a time of day and write then. I’ve been writing the minute I get up, but then I’m on vacation. I’m not sure I’m going to keep writing first thing in the morning when morning starts […]

Happy New Year

The boyfriend worked security in San Antonio again. He got home at 5 am yesterday, so he did not participate in any New Year’s stuff. I took the dogs over to Mom’s on New Year’s Eve. For some reason she thought I was going to spend the night. Probably because driving late at night on […]

A Little Background

The purpose of this blog is to provide raw material for my life before the camino. So maybe I should describe it some more. I was (am?) very active in the local community theatre. I started with six lines in The Sunshine Boys.¬†Progressed to Janet MacKenzie in¬†Witness for the Prosecution. (My favorite role so far.) […]